What do you want to know about Blue Goba?

Who Are We?

What do you need to know about Blue Goba? This mushroom dispensary was built on the principle that there are numerous health benefits long forgotten, hidden within the effects of psilocybin mushrooms. Our master growers have been refining their techniques for nearly 15 years, with each grow teaching us more about the mysterious medicinal mushroom. Our job is to add quality, depth and wellness to your life through psilocybin shrooms and always deliver the best crop.

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the active hallucinogenic in magic mushrooms which produces the effect we know as a high. People across the world have used psilocybin for years beyond count in shamanistic ceremonies, rituals, for healing, enlightenment and recreational use. Due to controversial legislation, psilocybin has not been extensively researched for its medicinal effects and magic mushrooms have been unfairly left in the same category as actual dangerous narcotics. What studies there are have shown psilocybin to have a positive effect on mood, cognition, focus, empathy, openness, depth of thinking and mental health.

Psilocybin helps With...

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Lost Appetite

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The Effects Of Psilocybin Are...

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Deep Thought

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Visual Trips

Why Buy From Us?

We've spent almost 15 years growing psilocybin mushrooms and even more than that studying them. In this time, we have grown to understand shrooms and how they can affect you. What we've discovered is that there are no physical drawbacks to consuming mushrooms. We advise customers on potency so that no negative mental effects ruin the experience; there are no bad shrooms, only bad situations to take them in. Due to the public perception of shrooms as a whacky "drug" that melts your brain and other nonsense, they have been under strict legislation for a long time. The truth is that the effects of shrooms are no more harmful to you than the common mushrooms we eat frequently. Psilocybin mushrooms' potent effect has created a stigma around it, leading it to become misunderstood. So, people have historically lumped magic mushrooms in with narcotics. However, this natural vegetable has vast medicinal benefits for both mental and physical health. We have just begun to understand the power of psilocybin and the effect it could have on our lives. What we do know, we share and use to guide our customers to achieve their health potential.

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