4 Ways of Consuming Magic Mushrooms

If you’re new to the idea of magic mushrooms, a couple of the questions you may be asking yourself are: how am I supposed to consume mushrooms? and how much should I be taking? One of the best places to start when finding answers to these questions is to determine what your intentions are for consuming magic mushrooms. Are you considering starting a microdosing routine? Or are you looking for a therapeutic psychedelic experience? Or something else?

The answer to these questions can impact the most appropriate ways of consuming magic mushrooms. Here we will outline the most common methods of consumption to help you make your choice.

Dried Mushrooms – Consume As Is

You can absolutely weigh out your preferred dose of dried mushrooms and eat them as is. That being said, this is not always the preferred method as they don’t taste all that great.

There are some advantages to purchasing dried mushrooms, such as:

  • Choice of preferred strain. Note that our online shroom store is divided into categories based on your preferred experience: creativity, deep thought, euphoria, focus, relaxation, and visual trip. This can help you find the best strain based on your personal intentions.
  • Versatile in consumption. You may want to eat them as if but if you grind them down there are many ways you can consume them.
  • Versatile in dose. Since they’re not pre-dosed, you can consume them in a quantity that makes sense for you. Make sure to use a kitchen scale in order to dose accurately.

albino tidal wave magic mushrooms on a blue background

Rather than consuming mushrooms as is you can grind them up which makes them easier to consume because you can add them into something like a smoothie or make your own edibles. Mushrooms can be a bit challenging to grind without a good grinder and some patience, so let us do it for you! Purchase your favourite strain pre-ground here.

Mushroom Capsules

Ground mushrooms can also be put into capsules for easy consumption. Or even easier, you can purchase them pre-dosed. Most capsules are dosed at 100 mg, which is generally a good dose for microdosing. That being said, make sure to pay attention to the dose prior to purchasing.

Capsules are perfect for those looking to microdose as they are easy to add into your routine with your regular morning supplements. Capsules are less ideal for larger doses as you’d likely have to take many caps.

When it comes to microdosing, capsules are often stacked with other non-psychoactive mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane for the additional benefits. Lion’s Mane is an amazing mushroom with the ability to improve cognitive function as well as manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Check out our selection of microdosing capsules here.

Mushroom Tea

Use your dried or ground mushrooms to make mushroom tea. Simply measure your desired dose and boil it in warm water before consuming. Pair your mushrooms with a chamomile tea or chopped ginger to help combat nausea at higher doses as well as help with the taste.

Many people choose mushroom tea to help with the possibility of nausea, but it can also be a great way to enjoy mushrooms socially.

Mushroom Edibles

Another great way of consuming mushrooms is edibles. This is probably the tastiest way of consuming magic mushrooms. You can make your own edibles with ground mushrooms but not only can that be a lot of work, it can also be challenging to dose accurately. As a result, many people opt for pre-dosed mushroom chocolates or gummies. They’re discrete, easy to consume, and since they’re so tasty they can be good for both macro and microdosing.

Laughing turtle shroom chocolate bars by Blue goba on an orange background

Looking to try some of Blue Goba’s exciting collection of products? Check out our selection of mushroom edibles in our online store. We have gummies available in macrodose portions as well as a variety of chocolates.

There are numerous ways of consuming magic mushrooms all of which can have their pros and cons depending on what you’re looking to get out of the experience. Take the time to consider what’s best for you and give a few different consumption methods a try. Did we forget some niche way of taking shrooms? Let us know in the comments below!

July 8, 2021 By adam

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