CannaLean – THC Syrup Berry Blast – 1000mg


Cannalean THC Syrup 1000mg – Berry Blast

Berry Blast CannaLean THC Syrup is bursting with sweet, juicy berry flavours and offers 1000mg of pure THC in 75ml. Add a splash of Berry Blast CannaLean to your favourite beverage and enjoy the blend of relaxing flavours. CannaLean THC Syrup packs a big punch so use cautiously as a little goes a long way.

Can You Buy CannaLean Online in Canada?

If you can see it here for sale, yes, it’s legal to buy online in Canada. It’s a cannabis concentrate and edible but perfectly legal under legalization of cannabis products.

THC Syrup Effects

THC syrups have a little more nuance than most edibles or concentrates, despite being in both categories. The high is not as fast or intense as a concentrate as it gets going and it doesn’t take very long to kick in like with most edibles. The effect builds over time so you can sink into it. When Cannalean hits it gives a relieving body high and sets your mind at ease but will still leave you comfortable at a social event.

Flavour and Aroma

Berry Blast THC syrup is pretty much what it says on the bottle: bursting with intense berry flavour in a sweet and satisfying concentrate. Check out the same product in Orange Crush flavour here and 3 more CannaLean flavours by Prohibition here.

Cannalean THC Syrup Reviews From Canada

“I smoke about a quarter pound of weed a month , about an oz a week. Edibles don’t really usually effect me much, this syrup here knocked me on my ass 5 star” -sean-koerner

“Just ordered some excited for it to get here. I made some THC syrup myself once & it got me high outta my mind. I find syrup if the only type of THC editable that can get me high. I tried the high dose 1500mg editables & the 1000mg & didn’t feel anything.” -g6-45