LSD Microdose Stars


LSD Microdose Stars

LSD Microdose Stars (10mcg per star) are small red edible stars pre-dosed with organic and natural LSD. Each one has the same consistent amount to avoid any microdosing mishaps or any regimen-ruining dose discrepancies.

LSD Stars Effects

Microdosing is taking a measured mini dose of a drug to achieve physiological benefits without the need to actually get high. Benefits experienced by testers include heightened focus, greater creative thinking and a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. Some have even found it supports them achieving their goals.

This product is a hallucinogen and can result in a high if not taken in the correct amount. Read up on microdosing before deciding if it’s for you.


These single microdoses are shaped like stars for fun and dosed evenly for ease of use.