Prohibition – CannaLean THC Syrup – 3 Flavours – 1000mg


Prohibition – CannaLean THC Syrup – 3 Flavours – 1000mg

Prohibition’s CannaLean features 1000mg of THC Syrup in each 75ml bottle. A little goes a long way with CannaLean THC Syrup, so add a few drops to your favourite drink and wait for a pleasant high to wash over you. This is a concentrate and an edible all rolled into one, so go easy if it’s your first time trying it.

THC Syrup Cannalean Effects

These syrups are more subtle than most edibles or concentrates, despite belonging to both categories. The come up is not as intense or sudden as a concentrate and it doesn’t take over an hour like with most edibles – depending on your metabolism and body type. The high is more gradual and builds over the course of a day/night so you can sink into it. When it does it’s a huge tension reliever that sets your mind adrift in a sea of giggly thoughts while leaving you enough awareness to keep the party going if you’re in a social situation.

Flavour and Aroma

Prohibition’s CannaLean 1000mg THC syrup comes in three flavours:

  • Tangerine Creamsicle
  • Country Thunder Lemonade
  • Strawberry Kiwi Madness

Each bottle of THC syrup is packed with flavour: sugary and orangey with a slightly vanilla finish with Tangerine Creamsicle, a beautiful citrusy sherbet with Country Thunder Lemonade, and a sweet and sour punch with Strawberry Kiwi Madness. We also have Orange Crush and Berry Blast.

THC Syrup Cannalean Reviews From Canada

“This stuff does it . It’s not qwuite purple drank XD but it gets you super high and tastes amazing man.” – Trevor

“I love lean ! I alway get The orange one but since you got a new flavours I had try it out I didn’t like Country Thunder Lemonade it’s taste lot stronger! I’m going order more !” – Jorja