All You Need to Know About Sex on Shrooms

If you’ve experienced psilocybin before, you know how intense and euphoric the experience can be. You may be wondering what it would be like to have sex on shrooms.

Having sex on shrooms can be a wonderfully intense experience. Still, just like any other time you consume mushrooms, you could also have a negative experience. So, it’s essential to adequately prepare for the experience.

Having Sex on Shrooms — How Does it Feel?

Mushrooms can intensify all the senses, including touch, which can create a magical and intense feeling. At the same time, it could mean what you usually find pleasurable could be changed; for example, you may want less intensity or less pressure.

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Having Sex on Shrooms — More Than the Physical

While the physical sensations a person can feel while having sex on shrooms can be amazing, there is the potential for so much more.

Psilocybin is known for creating openness and dissolution of the ego. Both of these things can help you connect more intimately with your partner. It can help you get more in touch with your own feelings and potentially empathize more with your partner or better see their perspective.

So, while you may want to get physical while consuming mushrooms, you may have a just as fulfilling experience connecting emotionally with your partner.

Shrooms and Sex — Do Shrooms Make You Horny?

Looking around the forums, there seem to be lots of different thoughts about whether or not shrooms make you horny. Some are 100% in the no camp, some are absolutely in the yes camp, while others are unsure, or it may depend on circumstances.

It seems as though a smaller dose is more likely to make you horny and not so intense that you can’t act on any sexual feelings. In this case, a smaller dose would be more than a microdose but less than a full macrodose.

Often, people at the peak of a macrodose are experiencing too many intense feelings to focus on sexual activity even if they are horny.

Sex on Mushrooms — How to Prepare

Here are some essential things to think about before combining mushrooms and sex.

Consent is one of the most critical things in sexual interactions, and you can’t give full consent while intoxicated.

To ensure the experience is safe, fun, and mutually agreed upon, consent and boundaries must be discussed while sober.

Choose a Partner You Trust

Because mushrooms can impact you in many different ways, it’s best to choose partners you are comfortable with and have previous experience with.

Safe and Sexy Environment

Just like having a comfortable and safe person to engage with, the environment is also something to consider. At home, in a bed you’re familiar with is probably the best environment.

You may want to think about putting on some fresh sheets and consider mood lighting.

Set intentions together.

Know Your Dose

If you’re experienced with mushrooms, you may have an idea of what dose will be best for you. However, you may want to consider taking a little less than you usually would for a full macrodose, so you have an easier time focusing.

If you’re not experienced with mushrooms, start small. It may be best to start with a microdose, or slightly more, rather than a full macrodose, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

A smaller dose will still have similar effects in connecting you with your partner.

Mushrooms and Sex — How to Use Mushrooms for a Sexual Experience

Once you’ve prepared for the experience and had an in-depth conversation with your partner about consent and boundaries, you’re good to go. Measure out your dose and consume the mushrooms together. See 4 ways of consuming magic mushrooms.

Some people may choose to engage in sex as they come up on mushrooms; however, you may have trouble focusing once you reach the peak. So, others engage in sexual activity after they have peaked and start to come down slightly. Having sex after the peak also gives you and your partner plenty of time to connect with one another emotionally before physical intimacy.

As we mentioned earlier, mushrooms may impact how your body feels in such a way that what feels good sexually is different from when you’re sober. So, before jumping right into the type of play you typically engage in with your partner, consider taking some time to gently explore each other’s bodies and your own.

Be Prepared for It To Not Go As Planned

Because mushrooms can be intense and affect our bodies and brains in many different ways, it’s important to go with the flow when it comes to having sex on mushrooms. This is one of the reasons it’s recommended to choose a partner that you trust. You want someone supportive who will make you feel comfortable and who you can laugh with if things go not quite right or horribly wrong.

Know that it’s normal to get distracted and unfocused when you’re high. The mushrooms also may impact your body in unexpected ways; for example, you might not be able to stay hard. Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the journey.

Maybe have some toys available to support the experience, or don’t be afraid to stop and just enjoy some naked time together with your partner.

Final Thoughts on Shrooms and Sex

Having sex on mushrooms has the potential to be an amazing experience if you’re prepared, in the right environment, and with a comfortable person.

Like any mushroom experience, let the journey take you and don’t take yourself too seriously. You might think you’re interested in having sex while on shrooms, but it might not go as planned, and that’s okay.

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February 11, 2022 By adam

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